Barbarian fans and people who start with this class in Diablo 4 will be surprised by how flexible this choice is, which becomes clear as you get better. Spells and skeletons are great, but sometimes the best thing is a strong fighting type that puts the B in Battle. You will be able to use four tools on your Barbarian to dole out death.

There are a few things you should keep in mind as you level up this class, and you should know them right away if you don’t want to waste time or miss some important things that could change the game. This class isn’t what it seems to be.

Use Weapon Expertise In Your Arsenal System

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It’s easy to use the Arsenal System, which is only in the Barbarian Class. The fact that Barbarians use four weapons also makes sense. A system that keeps track of that is more than needed. You can improve how your person uses their many tools by using it. Your “Weapon Expertise” goes up when you use your weapons, which lets you get buffs for them.

When you hit an enemy with a Critical Strike, they take more damage. You can start to enjoy the benefits of Weapon Expertise when you reach level five. Plus, you can unlock and improve the perks over time. You can even get a perk called “Expertise” that makes all of your guns better. Get better at controlling your guns by making the most of your Arsenal System.

Fury Is A Key Resource

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You should know that Barbarians use “Fury” to power up their strong weapons if you’ve been playing for a while. For example, Fury is used by the Whirlwind skill. So, anger is at the heart of the Barbarian class. Pay attention to getting passive skills and powers that help your Barbarian quickly restore Fury.

A lot of skills can drain your Fury, so make sure you have skills that can restore it so you can play more efficiently.

Use The Hammer Of The Ancients Core Skill

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‘The Hammer of the Ancients’ is a good core skill that you can use to build on. By getting better at this core skill, you can do a lot of damage as you level up. This build makes it so you won’t need a lot of Legendary Gear to do this. Plus, once you’re improved, you can do even more damage.

For instance, when you use the “Furious” Hammer of the Ancients, you do 1% more damage for every Fury point you had when you used the skill. For 2.5 seconds, the “Violent” Hammer of the Ancients gives you 30% more damage, which is a huge boost. They can be killed straight by this, especially if you’re already doing a lot of damage without it.

Use The Right Basic Skills

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Your Barbarian will move more slowly at first, but if you teach them the right basic skills, they can catch up. For instance, the skill Bash can help stop enemies. When there are a lot of enemies, you need to be able to keep the crowd under control. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the Battle skill. It makes your Barbarian’s Fury creation go up.

You can end fights faster if you have more Fury because it lets you do more harm. This is especially helpful if you’re low on HP and just need to get the job done.

Use The Right Defensive Skills For Team Play And Support

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When you play on a team as a Barbarian, the most important skills are protection and crowd control. AoE strikes that control a large area, like Ground Stomp, can stop your enemies, giving your other team members time to move around and do quick damage. Use the Rallying Cry skill to really feel like a Support Barbarian.

Rallying Cry is a party-boosting skill that makes you and all of your friends faster and gives you more resources. This makes it great for playing Tunnel Rush with other people. You can also use the Challenging shout skill to protect yourself. It lowers damage and lets you taunt nearby enemies. You only need to spend at least six skill points to get defense skills.

Make Use Of Your AoE Attacks

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When it comes to AoE attacks, the Barbarian class really shines. It has a lot of deadly AoE skills and attacks that can help make up for the fact that it can be slow at first. While the fiends in the Sanctuary Map aren’t very strong, the large number of them can be annoying, which is why AoE is so useful there.

Barbarians have four tools that they can use to easily take out big groups of enemies with their AoE attacks. Rend, Whirlwind, and a final move called “Iron Maelstrom” let your Barbarian drop all of his weapons and use them to hit multiple enemies at once.

Whirlwind Is Almost Always Useful

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One of the most well-known skills for the Barbarian class is Whirlwind, which lives up to its name. In many sticky situations, it’s very useful because it does a lot of damage, you can get it early on, and hitting enemies with it gives you Fury.

If you’re good at it, it not only does a lot of damage, but Fury also makes your attack stronger, it’s great for controlling crowds, and enemies almost never have a chance to fight back. Whirlwind is a favorite for a good reason. In fight, it can save your life.

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