Farming apps in India

Farming is a basic key development factor in the rise of human culture and their civilization in this world. For more development in farming with various ideas, farmers need to be more advanced with modern technology. In modern India, a maximum number of farmers are using technology for solving their issues with the help of different farming mobile apps. Farming apps are most convenient for providing proper awareness and information regarding agricultural practices.

Farmers can easily get solutions for their problems through farming apps. Farming apps can be mentors or advisors who will guide farmers in the proper direction. These apps can be easily downloaded from the google play store free of cost.

If farmers are wondering which app is best in providing services, then for solving their queries here we listed the top 5 Farming apps in India:

  • Khetigaadi

It is a great knowledge-based advisory platform that provides you with the latest updates on new tractor models, tractor prices, tractor features, etc. It also provides expert advice on any farming-related issues. It is a perfect advisory app for guidance to farmers. It is easy to handle app that comes with user-friendly languages. Its aim is to empower farmers with the right information and help them in proper decision-making. Moreover, users can buy, sell, rent, tractors, and farm implements online.

  • Kisan suvidha

It is one of the most trusted farming apps for quick and easy farming solutions. It helps farmers in smart farming techniques by providing them with the required information. This app is designed with advanced features like information on the current weather and also provides weather forecasts for the next five days. It provides information about market prices of crops in your area and also information regarding fertilizers, seeds, machinery used in agriculture, etc. This app provides easy access to using this app in different languages.

  • IFFCO Kisan Agriculture

IFFCO Kisan Agriculture app is managed by Fertilizer cooperative Ltd.     The core objective of the app is to inform Indian farmers about the right decision-making by providing them with relevant information. It provides the latest updates on crop prices, weather forecasts, all agriculture news, and government schemes. Along with that it also provides tips on various agricultural practices that are much beneficial for farmers. This app offers helpline numbers for the farmers who require proper guidance to assist them.

  • RML Farmer Krishi-Mitra

RML Farmer Krishi-Mitra app is meant for the Indian agricultural community that provides agricultural advice, the latest mandi prices, farming-related news, Various government schemes information, weather forecasting, etc. Users can choose different options from this in their comfortable languages. This app is designed as per the requirements of farmers which gives them the proper knowledge about farming.

  • Agri App

Agri App is best known for crop production and management. It provides the most suitable information regarding crop care, crop protection, and smart farming ideas. As per the official, it is an online information portal and marketplace that brings farmers, Agri inputs, retailers, and fulfillment services on a common digital platform. It provides relevant information about varieties of crops, soil and climate changes, harvesting and storage techniques, etc. This app is designed with specific tools which provide information about different aspects of farming.


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