TOP 5 Meme Maker Apps

“Who controls the memes, controls the universe” this line is quoted from a tweet by Elon Musk well he is absolutely right, memes are the most important thing on the social media right now, we can see it on almost every social media platform, memes provide a new way to say our things sarcastically. Many cricketers like Wasim Jaffer, Virender Sehwag use these memes to troll other International Cricketers. Meme Marketing is used by various companies nowadays to advertise their products in a better and beneficial way.

You all understand what memes are but do you understand the procedures of making it? How to edit the faces, how to make png, how to write text and a lot of other things. Well there are a number of different meme maker apps available for making memes, these meme generator apps are available on the Google Play Store, you just have to download them and start editing.

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Here a List of Top 5 Meme Maker Apps

  1. Meme Generator

Meme generator is one of the most oldest meme maker apps in the meme industry with more than 10M+ downloads on the google play store, it has about 1000+ free meme templates which can be used for making creative and sarcastic memes for social media and for personal use also. You can use your personal images from the gallery too.

The app is designed by ZomboDroid and is available for both premium and free users. The most amazing part about Meme Generator is its png editor you can cut any part of the image very easily and smoothly.

  1. Meme Creator

If we talk about the easiest meme maker apps, then this app comes on the top, it is the most sorted meme generating app in the market right now. You will get the app easily on playstore or you can just download it from google you will find Meme creator app on any browser.

It offers around 600+ different meme templates and you can also merge one template with other and make more funny memes.

  1. Picsart

However Picsart is not a meme generator app in particular but it is the most common app used by big Meme Creators it offers great kind of features like sticker maker, dress editor, video editor, png maker and a lot more.

It is an all in one application where you can place bets on many sports here on picsart you can do multiple work at one platform.

  1. Mematic – The Meme Maker apps

You can add funny captions to popular images or your own photos, add captions to images. Use your own images or access a large variety of templates directly from the app. Create collages with the new layout tools and merge your photos into beautiful frames

You can share all your creations directly with your friends on Mematic via whatsapp, messenger, Instagram etc.

  1. MemeChat

If I say a meme maker app is providing money for making memes it will sound like a joke right? But it is not a joke it is reality, MemeChat is an Indian meme generating app which gives you real money for making memes. You just have to use their paid templates and make something creative with it, if your meme gets approved you will get real cash.

Well money is not only the best thing on MemeChat, it also has a variety of Indian templates taken from different shows, movies and sometimes from real life incidents too. MemeChat has clearly uplifted the Meme Culture in India. It is undoubtedly a great meme generator app.

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Writer: R.V Shrivastava

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