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Editing is an important skill in this age of videos. It comes in handy while shooting short, fun videos for your family get-togethers or college festivals. If you are a content curator, then this skill is a must-have. You can upload your content faster if you edit your videos.

This skill requires both bits of knowledge of technology and creativity. Video editors are responsible for the final look of the video content. They are responsible for post-production activities. This includes managing the entire footage that was shot and adding any necessary special effects. Most of the work of an editor centers around editing out unnecessary parts and letting the story flow.

Video editors typically are freelancers. They work on a contract basis for various studios and independent content creators. Some content creators invest in learning editing skills to edit their videos themselves.

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This article helps those who want to know the basics of video editing Tips.

Important Terminologies

Every profession has a specific language register. Knowing the terms frequently used in the industry is key to communicating effectively. Here are a few terms that every video editor must know to communicate with like-minded people.

You will frequently hear terms like aspect ratio, jump cuts, montage, bit rate, frame rate, and so on. Start your video editing journey by being familiar with these terms. Without knowing what these are, why they are important, and how they can be used, will help you in your work.

Prep Beforehand

Prepping in advance is essential. It keeps the focus on the end goal and saves time. Knowing what you want from your video and where everything goes rapidly reduces the editing time.

Most experienced content creators film more footage than required. Knowing which parts you want to retain can help you in editing faster.

Create a Storyboard

Creating a storyboard or a layout is the first step of editing. The storyboard brings your idea to life on paper. You can use the storyboard to see which part of your idea works and which does not.

One problem with editing is not knowing where to start. The storyboard makes it easier to identify which part of the video you can start working on. It also helps you identify problem spots with the audio, narration, and other elements that will be used.

Find Ways to Cut Down Time

Time is an important aspect while working on editing. The faster you finish editing, the sooner you can work on your next project. You can do a lot of things to save time while editing.

Familiarizing yourself with the editing software you use can help you save time. It is troublesome when you need a feature and spends precious minutes looking for it. It not only wastes time and pauses the editing process, but it also disrupts your thought process.

Memorize Keyboard Shortcuts

Another tip with using editing software is to be familiar with shortcuts. Using keyboard shortcuts can surprisingly decrease the time required to edit. It will also help you successfully master the software and get you comfortable with it.

Finding the shortcuts that you can use frequently and memorizing them will be helpful during your editing process. You can memorize the shortcuts or keep a cheat sheet at hand. Knowing your shortcuts can greatly increase your efficiency as a video editor.

Invest in a Good Computer and Suitable Software

Investing in a good quality computer set is something that you should think about. You can save time and store bulky files. You do not need to worry about slow rendering or a malfunctioning keyboard.

When you invest in a good computer, you invest in a large storage drive and better processing power. A good processor makes your software run faster and lets you access files quickly. It shortens the editing process a great deal.

It is always beneficial to invest in a keyboard specializing in video editing and making using keyboard shortcuts easier. What you need to invest in is a system that works for you. Do not fall for attractive adages or assume that expensive is good.

You only need a few features based on your skill and the projects you work on. For example, if your specialty is animation, you can use any video maker available on internet that works the best for animation.

Back-Up Your Work

Not having your work backed up is extremely dangerous. Imagine that you worked for two days editing a project, and the computer malfunctions and shuts down. If you did not back up your work, you would have to redo two days worth of work.

A popular way of backing up your work is the 321 rule. This rule states that you should have three separate copies of your work. Those copies should be stored in two different places. One of those places should be physically separate from the other, like on your Google Drive.

Another important rule is to version your work and name the versions. That way, if you have to redo any part of your work, you will know which version you have to go back to.

Extra Touch Ups

Color can be used in many creative ways to create a mood or highlight a subject. Using color to manipulate a scene is a frequently-used technique, and editing software gives many options to this. Color manipulation can make a good quality video look better and give it a professional feel.

Color correction and color grading are two common editing techniques. They help in perfecting color in a particular scene or story. Color correction and color grading are essential tools that can alter the mood of the scene and make them seem real.


Video editing has now become a critical skill that every person should have. It is no longer limited to a professional setting and is widely used in social media videos. Video editing is lucrative because of the high demand for it.

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