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The online food delivery system has been adopted by the Indians at higher levels. In today’s world people choose to order food online instead of dining out. The Covid period is one of the main reason behind the immense popularity of online food system.

There are various food partners operating in the market at present, but swiggy is as step ahead of all them. It is the most trusted online food delivery platform. There are thousands of big to small restaurants registered with swiggy for your food preferences.  And many more are still willing to complete their swiggy partner registration.

Well, if you’re an aspiring restaurant owner and want to do swiggy restaurant registration then you are at the right place, we will teach you everything about how to register on swiggy.

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Benefits of swiggy registration

Before, starting your registration process the first thing you need to know is what are the benefits of swiggy partner registration?

  1. Less expenditure on advertisements and marketing.
  2. Increase in number of customers.
  3. Increase your restaurant’s reach.
  4. Beneficial in terms of rates.
  5. Once the customer likes your food item you will get repeated customers.
  6. No more tension of food delivery.

These are some benefits that can help you in growing your food outlet.

How to register on Swiggy?

There are few easy steps mentioned below, by following these steps you can complete your swiggy partner registration process easily.

Step 1. The very first step in swiggy restaurant registration is to visit the official swiggy website or you can head towards swiggy application.

Step 2. Next, scroll your screen down, you will find ‘partner with us’ option in the footer. Click on that option for starting the registration.

Swiggy Partner

Step 3. Next, fill the registration form by fulfilling the required information.

Swiggy Restaurant Registration

Step 4.  After completely filling the details click on the submit button.

Step 5. In the next step, click on the YES button for adding more information.

Step 6. Now, add more information like your rate card, also you can add your restaurant’s pictures for better visibility.

Step 7. After the completion of your form, a swiggy representative will visit your food outlet for document verification and sign a partnership agreement.

Step 8. Now, after the visit your restaurant will be live on swiggy within a time period of 3 weeks. After that your food items are ready for ordering.

Swiggy will charge a percentage in your food items delivery ranging between 17-25%. It is a great way of boosting your restaurant startup. Complete your swiggy restaurant registration today and expand your business roots.

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Writer: R.V Shrivastava

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