The Pros and Cons of Video Marketing on Facebook

Just ten years back, print, billboards, radio, and television ads were still a thing. But with time, it’s only logical to see a change in trends. Due to recent pandemic events and global economic crises, the digital advertising sector has seen exponential growth worldwide. The change is spearheaded by people switching from textual content to videos.

So why should you choose Facebook for advertising, and which video creator to use? We’ll discuss the first part in detail further down the blog. However, to answer the latter, you can learn more here.

Why Care as An Entrepreneur?

There’s a major shift taking place in the way people consume media. People are choosing to get their information in video format instead of text and pictures. Facebook has provided an opportunity for any entrepreneur to share their product/service with thousands of users globally. If you’re thinking of advertising your business on Facebook, why not try promoting your content with a video? It could be a product demonstration, an overview of how it works, or a promotional video including your logo and contact information. Most importantly, it’s a great way to attract attention because people are looking for a good and compelling video to share.

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Some Pros And Cons of Video Marketing on Facebook


Cheap views

Facebook is a free platform which means it is not expensive to get your video noticed. If you have invested in creating a good video production, you can find ways to promote it at no cost. It usually takes less time for videos to get interactive because viewers can respond and give feedback. A simple comment with a positive response can earn you some money.

Ease to promote

Unlike other platforms, Facebook Live is more accessible to every user. It’s even easier for marketers because it doesn’t require you to make a video then post it for viewers to view and discuss your product or service. You can easily share the video link directly on your timeline and invite them to watch it embedded in the page or their news feed.


Facebook is a big platform where your audience can access your product/service in the course of their week. They might have even watched the preview of your video when you posted it on your timeline, or they might have been invited to watch it through the embedded link. Whatever their actions after you have posted, you can retarget them every time they visit Facebook using a cookie. This way, you’re always reminding them that your product exists and directing them to purchase it.


Facebook video is integrated with all the other Facebook features. It means you can post it on your timeline, in your profile, or on your business page. You can even post it in a group and watch it go viral. If you want to create a buzz around your company, this platform is a great way to do so because you don’t have to be famous to get noticed by many active people on the internet.

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Poor conversion rates

There is high competition in the video-sharing field. Assuming you are going to invest your time and money into this platform, you need to make sure that it will be worthwhile. There is no point in investing in video production if it only gets a few views. On the other hand, you might see that if you have shared it in one of your groups or on a page, it has already been watched hundreds of times.

Not great at driving traffic

Many other platforms allow you to drive traffic to your website. If you have developed a video with amazing content, this is a great way to get people’s attention. However, unless you make your Facebook videos stand out from the rest of the content on the site, there is no point in posting it here. It means that if your goal isn’t to get more views and more interactions, then your time could be better spent elsewhere.

Short attention spans

You need to make sure that your videos are relevant to the people viewing them. It means that it needs to have the right length and consider the way the audience is engaging with it. Too long videos will not be interesting for anyone, and too short videos will also be difficult to follow because viewers might get bored of watching something that’s just a couple of minutes long. However, if you’ve invested time in creating a great video, then it’s better if you let viewers watch it in their own time.

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Tips For Making The Perfect Facebook Ad With a Video Creator

Be Creative

Use a good video creator to add some quality to your Ad campaigns. You can get inspiration from the best video creators on YouTube and use their creative style in your Facebook Ad campaigns.

Use Templates

Since you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your potential customers. Use a suitable template for your Facebook Video Ad. You can choose from a variety of templates available, and then customize them to suit your needs.

Add Music

You can add music depending on the type of your product, and music also helps in getting attention. You may find a huge library of royalty-free music on your .

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Facebook video is a great addition to the Facebook experience. Though it might not be as powerful as YouTube, it still has advantages and disadvantages. You just need to make your content unique and relevant to be interested in watching it. Here we have given you a few tips to ensure that you get the most out of your Ad campaign.

For a video to get even more attention, you can use a good video creator for your Ad campaigns and add a link on your timeline so viewers can easily access it.

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