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In today’s fast running world people are always busy, they don’t even have time for fulfilling their basic day to day activities. People for the sake of their jobs and study move on to different-different places. Then at those places, the basic need of making food gets sacrificed.

Well, to overcome this kind of situation, there are various online food service providers validated in the market for fulfilling this issue. There are 2 types of online food services. First is the direct service, in this method restaurants directly deliver food to their customers. The second one is a platform to customer delivery, in this method the platform (zomato) works as an intermediate between the restaurant and the customer. This method has become the most common one today. Young people in the age group of 16-38 use platforms like Zomato for their food cravings and appetite.

If you are an aspiring restaurant owner and want to use Zomato as a service platform to reach out to more and more customers, then you should fulfill the eligibility criteria of zomato partner registration which is mentioned below.

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Eligibility Criteria

  1. Restaurants must be registered as a business entity in India, Private Limited Registration, Partnership or LLP Registration is necessary.
  2. License or an FSSAI Registration is required for zomato partner registration. Depending upon the business turnover or business size and nature.
  3. The next eligibility criteria for zomato restaurant registration is Shop act License and GST Registration in India.

Now, for learning how to register on zomato and for maximizing your profits follow the below proceedings.

Step 1. The First Step in learning how to register on Zomato is the registration process. You have to create an account on Zomato. For this, you can head towards Zomato’s official website or you can download the official zomato app.

Step 2. Now, in the next step, add your restaurant on zomato. You can find that option easily on your zomato window.

Register restaurant on zomato

Step 3. The third step is to create your restaurant page, fill in all the required information for zomato restaurant registration.

zomato restaurant registration

Step 4. Now upload all the required documents asked by zomato. Like your personal documents, license, food menu, photographs of restaurant, etc.

Step 5. The final step in how to register on zomato process is the ‘Verification Process’

After your documents submission, Zomato will cross-check and verify all the documents. Once the verification is completed your restaurant will be registered live on zomato, and your zomato partner registration will be completed.

Note – Zomato restaurant registration is totally free you don’t have to pay any extra charges for that.

Final Words – If you want to boost your food chain then you have to get modernized with the modern world. Zomato partner registration is the easiest process to give a head start to your start-up food restaurant. However, your profit margins might be less as zomato charges higher profits for providing you customers.

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Writer: R.V Shrivastava

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