Two piece boxes

Two piece boxes tend to be a versatile, cost-effective as well as customizable packaging solution that you can find in the industry. This type of box includes a separate top along with a bottom piece which gets connected with the help of glue or tape.

The packaging is simple to assemble and when made strongly can provide your merchandise with optimal protection when its shipping is occurring. The boxes also look attractive and can give the impression that something expensive is in the box. Different industries opt for this packaging as it can package products effectively.

The following looks at design variations and applications across industries when it comes to two-piece packaging:

Strong packaging

The main function of product packaging includes making sure the box keeps the product safe. The packaging should be able to hold, secure, as well as safely accommodate the item so that it remains safe. This is especially true when its delivery is occurring. This is when it is most likely to get damaged.

When it comes to these boxes, if a brand chooses to make them with strong packaging material, they can get a strong box that will be able to protect the product. Two-piece cardboard boxes are preferred because cardboard can give one a strong box. This packaging can protect a range of products easily. This is why many different industries prefer these boxes.

Many customization options

These boxes are excellent for those brands that want to market themselves effectively. This is because they can be customized easily. You can get them in different colors and finishes. This can make the box attract and stand out.

For example, you can choose a matte finish that is textured and non-glossy. A glossy finish will give a smooth high shine to the packaging. Varnish is a type of coating that can be put on the outside or inside surfaces of packaging. Textured packaging is a good choice if a brand wants to play with the sense of touch and excite people towards their product. You can for instance include a textured, matte finish which gives the box a soft feel.

The inside surface of the box is often white, however, you can print the inside if you wish to show off what you are selling. You can print the outside attractive with your brand details to make the packaging stand out.

Brand details

Many brands choose to print the outside area with their company name or logo. This can help promote brand awareness. Two-piece boxes wholesale can include brand information like a brand address, phone number, email address, website, etc. You can prominently add your brand logo because this is needed if you want to give a professional image and if you want people to notice products from your company and even know about your company.

Adding brand colors is useful in packaging like this because these also have a role to play in increasing brand awareness.

Using color

The right colors can make the packaging stand out and convey a certain emotion to customers. When you look at color psychology you will get an idea of what colors signify and this can help you choose those that matter.

For example, this packaging is preferred by luxury brands and the color black or purple will look good when wanting to convey this impression.

White can be used by companies wanting to convey simplicity whilst green can be used to give the impression of nature.


Many brands prefer cost-effective packaging as this can employ less material and can help save money. You can make this packaging in this way and still end up with a strong box. As said above the packaging has multiple customization options which can help one get unique packaging.

A brand can print on both sides of the box and can even add a vinyl window that will help let people see the product directly through it. The packaging will also protect your items and you can customize it in a cost-effective way allowing the boxes to give a good image of your brand.

It is better to choose packaging which will suit your product and which your consumer base will prefer. If custom two piece boxes are the ones perfect for your brand, you should make them with strong packaging material if you want to get a strong box.

You need to design this packaging well for it to stand out and allure those people who you want to attract. Brands that invest in high-quality and amazing packaging like this can stand out in a competitive market and positively market their products encouraging people to want to buy from the brand.

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