Locked Facebook Account

Facebook has a huge number of daily users, those who log in to their Facebook account and use the account daily to chat with their friends and family, post images, share posts, and react to their favorite sharing. Users even do many more activities than these daily. Hence, Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks that was used by users earlier and today as well. 

On odd days and trying to log in daily, users find their Facebook locked account, unknowingly and knowingly they are unaware of the activity they performed because of which they are no longer able to access their Facebook account. 

Thus users wonder what they can do for their Facebook unlock account and try to search for various steps & actions that they can take in terms of solving the issue they are facing with their Facebook account. 

How To Unlock Locked Facebook Account?

Users can potentially follow the below steps and various processes to unlock their Facebook account seamlessly and easily and use their account like earlier without any further problem.

1. Clear Cache 

Users if Facebook locked account then need not worry. Try clearing all the browser Facebook history, their cache, and cooking too. Try below-mentioned steps to easily do the process.

  • Go to your Google account Settings option.
  • Click on the option “Privacy & Security”.
  • Users will see the “clear browsing data” option there, which they need to click and along with this, make sure to checkbox the option “Cooking & other site data” & “Cached files & image” as well.
  • By clicking on the checkbox you are making sure to remove Cache & cooking along with history.
  • After all this click on the option “Clear data” and you are good to delete all the history that you have selected to delete.

2. Verify Identity

If the above method is not working you can try verifying your identity on Facebook. It will help with the Facebook account unlock process. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do the process easily.

  • Open the Facebook official link on your web browser.
  • Click on the option “Forgotten Password” which is showing on the login screen.
  • Once you click on the above option you will see the fields showing to enter Email or phone option.
  • Enter your details and then click on “Search”.
  • There is an option coming to find the linked device Click on “continue” to allow Facebook to initiate the process.
  • Users at this step should complete the Gmail and SMS verification by clicking on the “continue button”.
  • Enter the verification code that will come by Email or Phone number,
  • Lastly, click on the option “Verify”. And it’s completed.

3. Request Help from Friends

You can ask trusted contacts you’ve connected to your Facebook account in the past for assistance unlocking your account.  

  1. Open Facebook and click on Forgotten Password?
  2. Tap on the “Forgotten Account” option in the top right corner.
  3. Enter the Email address or Phone number to search your Facebook account.
  4. Tap on “No longer have access to these” options.

You can ask trusted contacts you’ve connected to your Facebook account in the past for assistance unlocking your account.  

  • Click on Forgot Password? when you first access Facebook.
  • In the upper right corner, tap the “Forgotten Account” option.
  • To search your Facebook account, enter your phone number or email address.
  • Select “No longer have access to these” by tapping the button.
  • Click “Continue” after entering your friend’s phone number or email address that you can access. 
  • Choose Show my reliable contact now and enter their entire name. 
  • Invite your pal to go to https://www.facebook.com/recover.
  • Ask them to open the recovery link as soon as they receive it. 
  • Request that your friend provide you with the login code. 
  • Utilize this code and log into your account.

These are the two possible easy and most frequently used methods for Facebook unlock accounts, Users can use the above methods to unlock their account by following the simple methods. If the above methods are not working properly try contacting Facebook Customer Support to ask your query and know the potential reason for the blocking as well.

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