Blue sapphire is one of the most beloved jewelry gemstones, offering an extensive range of vibrant hues perfect for every taste and preference.

Kashmir sapphires are known for their superior luster and clarity, featuring minimal gray masking and reduced dark specs on their facets, which might influence the Neelam ratna price.

7 Premium Cuts & Varieties:

1. Oval-Cut

Sapphires possess a raw beauty that inspires jewelry designers to craft classic and timeless masterpieces using this stone. While most people associate sapphires with blue hues, there are other spectacular hues available too, affecting the Neelam stone price in India.

Cornflower blue sapphires from Kashmir exude royalty with their silk-like inclusions, yet are highly prized due to mine exhaustion. In contrast, these earrings made of sapphires mined in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) face up and look clean with only very faint natural inclusions visible under bright illumination.

2. Baguette-Cut

Baguette sapphires are frequently seen as accent stones in vintage-inspired engagement rings and wedding bands, and can also be found as accent sapphires on wedding bands.

Due to their reduced facets, baguettes must have high clarity ratings to avoid flaws or inclusions, as well as having a color grade that complements their center stone. Brilliant cuts may appear whiter than their equivalent baguette stones so select one with a slightly higher rating so there won’t be an obvious distinction in hue.

Baguettes, like their counterpart emerald cuts, are step-cut sapphires featuring rectangular facets that graduate like steps. However, baguettes have straight edges, unlike emerald cuts with cropped corners.

3. Pear-Cut

Pear-Cut sapphires are graceful and sophisticated, potentially affecting the Neelam ratna price in India. As with other fancy shapes, pear cuts must be set securely for stability; typically bezel settings provide this protection from snags and chips to their point.

Pear sapphires are excellent at hiding inclusions at their rounded end, but to prevent chipped appearance and breakage they should have at their pointed tip a high clarity grade – SI2 or higher would be preferable.

The length/width ratio in pear sapphires is vital; we recommend opting for one with a ratio between 1.45 and 1.75. The longer and narrower a diamond’s shape becomes, the less brilliant its brilliance will become.

4. Heart-Cut

As its name implies, this cut resembles a heart shape. Most often found in blue sapphire gemstones due to their distinctive hue, it evokes emotions & sentiments with every glance.

Sapphires are beloved gemstones that offer many astrological and aesthetic advantages, influencing the Neelam ratna price. Sapphires lack a standard system for rating their color; therefore buyers of sapphires must understand whether they are purchasing natural or treated gems.

5. Marquise-Cut

Marquise-cut sapphires are an elongated variant of oval and pear shapes, featuring two pointed ends and 58 facets for maximum sparkle. Particularly popular due to its ability to make fingers appear thinner and longer, marquise-cut sapphires require very good or excellent symmetry for optimal results.

Marquise-cut sapphires offer brides-to-be an added benefit when selecting an engagement ring, appearing larger than other shapes of equal carat weight. This elegant shape makes a statement piece or can add drama and flair to an engagement ring setting.

6. Cushion-Cut

Cushion-cut sapphires, also referred to as “pillow cuts,” are timeless jewels reminiscent of those seen in Jane Austen novels. Ideal as simple solitaire rings or even with additional stones set into an embellished halo for extra shine, cushion-cut sapphires add period flair that transports us straight back in time.

Before purchasing, you must read our sapphire buying guide thoroughly for accurate guidance on cost.

When selecting a cushion-cut lab-grown sapphire, aim for one with an L/W ratio between 1.05 and 1.20. A ratio below 1.00 can make your sapphire appear squared-off and less pillow-like while anything above 1.20 may create an elongated look.

7. Emerald-Cut

Emerald-cut sapphires feature open, wide facets that are susceptible to showing any slight trace of color; as a result, having an excellent clarity grade (D-F ideally but even VS2 will do in an emergency) is essential for these gems.

Because an emerald cut features flat crowns and shallow pavilions that don’t leave much room for inclusions to hide, ensuring its girdle has been graded as Excellent is of the utmost importance for an excellent diamond cut. Furthermore, video footage that showcases light performance (such as ASET performance tests) may help identify stones with discordant qualities or that look off-kilter, impacting the Neelam stone price in India.

Emerald-cut sapphires offer shoppers who desire a large look on a budget the option of slimmer sapphires without breaking their budget. Their length-to-width ratio makes these gems appear even bigger when worn on the hand and makes for an affordable way to achieve big looks without breaking it!

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