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With the rapid growth in the online business industry, Creating an enticing website design is the foremost step to do. To get the best of your website, it should be user-friendly and at the same time, it should cover your business completely. A website has various important website components which one should be aware of.

With most of the traffic coming from mobile devices, a severe focus is needed on the design of the website. According to a survey, if your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you ultimately lose more than 30% of your customers as they leave the website finding it slow. Don’t just lose your heart. We’re up with some essential website components that will not only go well with the users but also boost search engine performance.

Top Website Components for a successful Web Design

1.Large and easily visible Images.
An appealing Image is the first that grab user’s attention when he visits your website. A large image
should cover the first fold of your website and contains the CTA smartly. Images also describe more
story than text so you can use a number of images to show what you’ve got within less space.

2. A uniformity in color Pattern
Most of the designers make this mistake of using varying colors which do not give an imploring effect to the user. Also, the color of your logo and the text somehow describes your area of interest. Try to opt only 2-3 colors as too many color variations on a web page can negatively affect your site’s visibility.

3. CTA- Call to Action
It is one of the most important Website components. Ultimately, the prime reason to create a website is to convert a lead into your potential customer. Make sure you define a call to action on the homepage. Make sure the CTA is well placed and should not include complex inputs.Email Subscription, Chat Window, Newsletter are some of the commonly used Call to Actions.

4.Website Speed
As discussed earlier in this article, the user exits your website if it takes a greater loading time. Make sure you design a website that doesn’t include complex coding and images which slows down the website.

Here are a few Tips on increasing Website Speed

  • Optimize the images.
  • Minify CSS and Javascript.
  • Choose a faster web hosting server.

5. Update Copyright and Privacy Policy

An outdated copyright is always a gloomy factor of your website as it reflects your website isn’t updated. Also, an updated copyright shows that you keep your website updated and a smaller activity matters too.

Keep your About Us and Contact Us Links well maintained too for users as well as Search Engines. With these facile website components, one can flourish to grab new customers and generate leads.

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