Wedding and Bridal Jewelry & Gemstones

Wedding jewelry can serve as a keepsake that represents your love story and adds a magical touch to the special day. Choose from an array of colors and gemstones that add an unforgettable element. Among the plethora of colors and gemstones available, blue sapphire stones stand out as timeless pieces representing loyalty and faithfulness, while the Original pukhraj stone price can add an unparalleled touch of elegance.

Sapphires make an exquisite gift as they symbolize loyalty and faithfulness, while garnets are deeper shades of red that look elegant next to pearls.


1. Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphire is one of the most sought-after gemstones. Also referred to as Pukhraj, this gemstone offers many benefits that can help one achieve wealth and prosperity, including health benefits, increased wealth and greater wisdom. Meanwhile, original pukhraj stone price  signifies wealth, prosperity, and wisdom, enhancing the aura of the wearer, especially in Vedic Astrology where it is linked to the planet Jupiter.

Vedic Astrology believes this stone holds the power of planet Jupiter which bestows immense benefits upon those who wear it. It brings stability to financial life while increasing decision-making skills. Professionally speaking, this gemstone allows users to handle difficult situations more effectively. Advocates, lawyers and judges as well as teachers and scholars find great assistance from its use – it allows them to maintain disciplined minds, define goals clearly, and achieve maximum success with minimal effort.

Like diamonds, yellow sapphires come in all different shapes and sizes. To maximize their beauty, however, for maximum effect, it is recommended that you opt for one with eye-clean clarity; oval or cushion-cut cuts provide optimal color saturation and light return; yellow sapphire engagement rings make an excellent way to add some vibrancy and color into any engagement ring collection.


2. Blue Sapphire

Sapphires have long been associated with love and commitment. Their calming blue hue is believed to bring peace and clarity of thought, while historically many kings and queens chose sapphires to represent their royal qualities and power.

Sapphires have become an increasingly popular alternative to diamonds as wedding rings, as Princess Diana chose them for her engagement ring. Not only are these stones less costly but their versatile hues complement various metals beautifully. When acquiring a blue sapphire stone, opting for untreated, natural stones is advisable.

When purchasing a sapphire, it is best to look for natural stones with no treatments applied – many sapphires may be heat-treated to increase appearance and durability, however, this should be disclosed by the seller. To minimize fracture-filled and lattice diffusion treatments that could weaken over time. For budget shoppers on tight schedules who still wish for high-quality sapphires but at an affordable price point, consider selecting synthetic ones created in laboratories using materials similar to high-quality natural ones.


4. Amethyst

Amethyst is a striking purple variety of quartz crystal that can be found in metamorphic or igneous rocks, with trace amounts of iron helping it achieve its distinct hue. This semi-precious stone has long been associated with relieving fears, anxiety, anger and strengthening psychic abilities while instilling spiritual insights – as well as cleansing one’s aura and stimulating crown and throat chakras.

Amethyst is an ideal gemstone to represent modern brides who embrace intuition and welcome change with open minds, reminding them that change should be accepted with clarity and courage.

While diamonds remain the ultimate engagement ring choice, more brides are opting for unique gemstones like amethyst. We suggest pairing this purple gem with tourmaline for increased protective benefits and rose quartz to foster truth, tranquility, and balance in their relationship.


5. Hessonite

Gomed or Hessonite is an outstanding gemstone for cultivating clarity, creativity, and confidence in individuals in creative professions – such as writers, artists, designers and event managers – helping them overcome any fear or doubt they might experience and focus their goals more easily.

Gemstones have long been used to help improve mental health, strengthen immunity and foster feelings of security and stability. Meditation and healing practices often incorporate them for an added sense of calm presence; Feng Shui and Vastu practitioners also frequently incorporate them for stability and balance in their designs.

Hessonite is associated with Rahu in Vedic astrology and can therefore benefit those born under Aries (Mesha), Gemini (Mithuna), or Libra (Tula). A certified astrologer can assess if this gemstone would suit you based on your birth chart and individual astrological considerations; Hessonite has long been believed to provide stability and success in business, finances, and relationships.

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