There aren’t that many games that take place in the Victorian era, but there are some that do. These Victoria-era games do that.

In the UK, the Victorian age ran from June 20, 1837, to January 22, 1901. It was named after Queen Victoria, who was queen at the time. Even though the time period is long gone, people today are still interested in it. It was the time of Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, Jack the Ripper, and a lot more.

When people’s imaginations mix with those of the past, they often come up with works of fiction and even magic. In video games, the Victorian age is often linked to stories of eldritch horrors, monsters, and vampires, as well as famine, murder, and the plague. In fact, Victorian-era games are often very dark. Many games from the Victorian age are dark, but they come in a wide range of genres, styles, and storylines.

List of 17 Best Victoria-Era Games

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