Top 7 3D Virtual Event Platforms

The past year was all about being online and being indoors. One term that has made its way to our lives is virtual events and virtual event platforms. Virtual events are simply the web counterparts of physical events. Conducted over virtual solutions, they come with numerous advantages.

This list discusses some of the 3D virtual event platforms to make the process seamless for you. Have a look:


The name that you will always find on the top of the “ virtual event platforms in India ” is Dreamcast. This platform is an efficient solution that has been delivering authentic and closer-to-real event experiences to the audience. Here are some of the out-of-the-box features of this platform that make it the audience’s first choice.

Dreamcast provides customization benefits to its users, which means they can customize their platform according to their brand requirements and objectives. It comes with a foolproof security system that is safe from online breaches and threats. Dreamcast has a set of A1 audience engagement tools, allowing users to gain a closer-to-real event feel. Along with all these features, Dreamcast provides you with a 3D virtual event environment, allowing you to mimic a real-life venue.



Talking of the next name that makes it to the best event platforms is BigMarker. It is considered the number one choice of several global users due to the features making it an easy-to-use platform. Let us have a look at those features that promise its users to deliver unforgettable virtual events:

It comes with regular yet impactful features such as screen sharing, live polls, surveys, and recording. All these features come together to let the hosts conduct remarkable virtual events.

In addition to the above features, it has communication tools such as live chat and audio/ video calls. These features enable them to interact with fellow attendees and event organizers.

With BigMarker, the event organizers can stream their virtual events across social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. It helps them expand their audience and brand reach.

Go-To Webinar:

While people might confuse the platform with its name, GoToWebinar is an expert virtual event service that delivers immersive event experiences beyond webinars. One can use this platform to host engaging virtual conferences and summits, and many other virtual events. From planning to promoting, one can rely on this platform for bringing the event together. Here, we talk about different features that make GoToWebinar a top choice among all its competitors:

It can accommodate up to 2000 attendees at a given time, allowing you to host virtual events without worrying about the event scale.
Keeping event branding in mind, this platform comes with customization features that let the organizers design event layout keeping their brand requirements in mind.

GoToWebinar has a set of several audience engagement tools such as screen sharing, live polls, handouts, and more. These tools help the organizers deliver an engaging event experience to the audience.


Airmeet is a popular name when we talk of online services that deliver immersive virtual conferences, meet-ups, fairs, and webinars. Airmeet has been executing successful virtual events for several prominent names such as the University of Toronto, Walmart, Accenture, and many more. It comes with innumerable features that make the entire virtual experience seamless. Let us have a look at a few of them:

The platform comes with a gripping interface with several audience interactions and networking features that let them connect and interact with fellow participants, and hosts conveniently.

Its features are compatible with all event sizes; hence, the organizers can join hands with this platform, no matter what the scale of their virtual event is. It is a multi-device, multi-browser-compatible platform. There is no limit or minimum requirement for the event duration. One can host vast events that could run for several days and hours.


The name that is considered as the best solution for hosting virtual conferences, expos, and trade fairs, HexaFair has executed innumerable virtual events to date. Let us go through the features of this platform that make it a #1 choice for conducting online events.

This platform is equipped with the 3D virtual booth feature that depicts a real-life event booth, adding a wow factor to your event and keeping your attendees hooked to the event. With the immersive and advanced features such as the virtual booths, the audience gets a closer look at the product and understands it better.

Other notable features of this platform are interactive and communication features that let the attendees interact with fellow attendees, hosts, and even the exhibitors effortlessly.


Talking of the next online event service which is known for delivering engaging web events is Hubilo. It comes with a set of high-end features that make the entire process seamless. Below, we have discussed a few of those; have a look:

The platform has a high-end security system that makes it a reliable and trustworthy platform to conduct web events. With the help of its unique and immersive features such as live chats, polls, audio/video communication, the audience gets to interact with fellow attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and even the hosts. It enables them to build long-lasting bonds and expand their network.

With its in-event analytic feature, the organizers can track and have an insight into the attendees’ activities on the platform during the event. It helps them with analyzing their strategies as well as measuring their impact. Not only this, the organizers get to measure the success of their event.


Considered as the global leader of virtual event platforms, vFairs provides a one-stop solution for all your event needs. With the help of this platform, the event organizers get to deliver immersive experiences. It comes with a set of powerful tools that makes the entire job easier for you. Let us have a look at a few of those features:

vFairs is counted as one of the best names in the virtual event industry for a reason. With its immersive and engaging set of features, the attendees get a closer-to-real experience.

The platform prioritizes the needs and requirements of the users, hence providing them with customization tools. The attendees get to have one-on-one interaction with their fellow attendees, guests, and even the hosts. Its feature of ‘reporting module’ lets the organizers get insight and keep a track of all the attendees and their activities on the platform.

Considering hosting a virtual event? Now that you know what all you should look for and the names that you should go with, we hope hosting your next web event is a cakewalk for you.


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