All Bank Balance Enquiry Number

All Bank Balance Check Number:  Earlier when anything related to your bank account, whether it is salary credit, balance details or updates about the transaction was very difficult for the customer to the enquiry but now it is so easy by a missed call or SMS. Nowadays banks are giving facilities like missed call number and SMS banking.

With the help of missed call number or SMS, you will get to know some basic and important information anytime anywhere. In this article, we are providing all bank balance enquiry number for Indian banks which are authorized form the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

All Bank Balance Missed call Number

Type SMS in a prescribed format of your bank or give them a missed call and all required information like account balance, you want to stop a check payment or transaction details will be available to you through SMS in your mobile.

To use (All Bank Balance Enquiry Number) this facility you have to first, register your mobile number with your bank account.

All bank balance enquiry Number list

Missed Call Numbers Of All Indian Bank
SBI Balance Check Number09223766666
ICICI Balance Check Number02230256767
PNB Balance Check Number18001802222
HDFC Balance Check Number18002703333
Axis Balance Check Number18004195959
Andhra Balance Check Number09223011300
Allahabad Balance Check Number09224150150
BOB Balance Check Number09223011311
Bharatiya Mahila Balance Check Number09212438888
Dhanlaxmi Balance Check Number08067747700
IDBI Balance Check Number18008431122
Kotak Balance Check Number18002740110
Punjab Sind Bank Balance Check Number1800221908
Syndicate Balance Check Number09664552255 or 08067006979
Bank of India Balance Check Number09015135135
Canera Balance Check Number09015483483
Central Bank Of India Balance Check Number09222250000
Karnataka Bank Balance Check Number18004251445
Indian Bank Balance Check Number09289592895
Union Bank Of India Balance Check Number09223008586
Vijaya Bank Balance Check Number18002665555
Yes Bank Balance Check Number09223920000
UCO Bank Balance Check Number09278792787
Federal Bank Balance Check Number8431900900
Indian Overseas Bank Balance Check Number04442220004
South Indian Bank Balance Check Number09223008488
Saraswat Bank Balance Check Number9223040000
Corporation Balance Check Number9289792897
State Bank of Patiala Balance Check Number09223766666

All Bank Balance Enquiry Number | Customer care Number | Toll Free Number

State Bank of India Balance Check Number

SBI Customer care Number1800 11 2211
1800 425 3800
SBI Bank Balance no.09223766666
SMS balance enquiryBAL to 09223766666
SBI SMS mini statementMSTMT to 09223866666
Cheque book requestCHQREQ to 09223588888
6 months
ESTMT Space <Account number>
Space<code> to 09223588888 (Note: code will be of 4 digits used to
encrypt the PDF attachment.)
Not happy with serviceSMS “UNHAPPY” to 8008202020
Register to complainClick here
Official website

Allahabad Bank

Allahabad Bank Customer care Number18005722000
Official website

Andhra Bank

Andhra Bank Customer care Number1800-425-1515
Missed call facilityNumber
For account balance09223011300
Block Debit cardCARDBLOCK space last 4 digit of
Account number send it to 56161
Block through email[email protected]
Official website

Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda Customer care Number18002584455
18001027788 (for PMJDY)
Missed call serviceNumber
Balance enquiry8468001111
Mini statement8468001122
E-mail[email protected]
Official website

Bank of India

Bank of India Customer care Number18001031906
ComplainClick here
Official website

Bank of Maharashtra

Bank of Maharashtra Customer care Number1800-233-4526
Official website
Email[email protected] [email protected]

Canara Bank

Canara Bank Customer care Number1800-425-0018
Missed call facility Number
Account balance09015483483
Last five transactions (English)09015734734
Last five transaction (Hindi)09015637637
Official website

Central Bank of India

Central Bank of India Customer care Number1800-22-1911
Missed call facilityNumber
Balance enquiry9555244442
Mini Statement9555144441
Official website

Corporation Bank

Corporation Bank Customer care Number1800-425-3555
Missed call facilityNumber
For account balance9268892688
Official website

Indian Bank

Indian Bank Customer care Number1800-4250-0000
Official website

Indian Overseas Bank

Indian Overseas Bank Customer care Number18004254445
SMS facilityText send to 8424022122
Account balanceBAL (space) last four-digit account number
Mini statementMINI Space last four-digit account number
Official website

Oriental Bank of Commerce

Oriental Bank of Commerce Customer care Number1800-102-1235
Missed call facilityNumber
For Account balance08067205757
Mini statement08067205767
SMS FacilityText send to 9915622622
For account balanceACBAL <account number>
For statementSTM <Account number>
Official website

Punjab National Bank

PNB Customer care Number1800-180-2222
Missed call facilityNumber
For account balance1800-180-2223
Official website

United Bank of India

United Bank of India Customer care Number1800-345-0345
Missed call facility
Account balance
SMS facilityText send to 09223008486
Balance enquiryUBAL space account number
Mini statementUMNS space account number
Cheque statusUCSR space cheque number
Nearest branchUBRANCH space pin code space location/city
Official website

Punjab & Sind Bank

Punjab & Sind Bank Customer care Number1800-419-8300
Missed call facilityNumber
Balance enquiry7039035156
Official website

UCO Bank

UCO Customer care Number1800-274-0123
Official website

Private Limited Bank

Axis Bank Limited

Aix Bank Limited Customer care Number1860-419-5555
call banking
To get your mini statementCall 1800-419-6969 (toll-Free number)
To get your account balanceCall: 1800-419-5959 (toll-Free number)
Official website

Bandhan Bank Limited

Bandhan Bank Limited Customer care Number1800-258-8181
Missed call facilityNumber
Balance enquiry9223008666
Mini statement enquiry9223008777
SMS BankingText
send to 9223011000
Balance enquiryBAL <Account number>
Mini statement enquiryMINI <Account number>
Cheque stopCHQSTOP space<Account number>space <Cheque number>
Cheque StatusCHQSTATUS space<Account number> space <Cheque number>
Official website

CSB Bank Limited

CSB Bank Limited Customer care Number1800-266-9090
Balance Enquiry8828800900
Email[email protected]
Official website

City Union Bank Limited

City Union Bank Limited Customer care Number044-71225000
Missed call bankingNumber
For account balance9278177444
Official website
Email[email protected]

DCB Bank Limited

DCB Bank Limited Customer care Number1800-209-5363
call facility
balance enquiry7506660011
Mini statement7506660022
Request a cheque book7506660033
Request email statement for last 1 month7506660044
to be used for SMS (send it to 9821878789)
For account balance 
Last 5 transaction detailsSTMT
Request a cheque bookCHQBOOK
Request for stop chequeSTOP (cheque number)
To block DCB debit cardBLOCK DC (mention last four digits of debit card)
Official website
Email[email protected]

Dhanlaxmi Bank Limited

Dhanlaxmi Bank Limited Customer care Number+91-0487-6613-000
call facility
Account balance80-67747711
E-statement last three months80-67747733
one day statement
Disable/enable debit card
Official website
Email[email protected]

Federal Bank Limited

Federal Bank Limited Customer care Number0484-2385511,
SMS Banking
and number
For account balanceBAL <Space> myshortno send it to 9895088888
call Enquiry
For account balance8431900900
Official website

HDFC Bank Limited

HDFC Customer care NumberClick here
Official website

ICICI Bank Limited

ICICI Customer care Number1860-120-7777
call enquiry
For account balance9594612612
Last three transaction9594613613
SMS EnquiryText
and number
Account balance
IBAL (space) last 6 digits of account number send it to 9215676766
Stop Cheque PaymentISCR (space) cheque number (Space) last 6 digit account and send it
to 9215676766
Official website
Email[email protected]

Induslnd Bank Limited

Customer care Number1860-500-5004
Official website
Email[email protected]

IDFC First Bank Limited

Customer care Number1800-419-4332
Account balance1800-2700-720
SMS Banking Text (send to 5676732 or
For Account balanceBAL (Space) last 4 digits of the account number
Official website
Email[email protected]

Jammu And Kashmir Bank Limited

Customer care Number0194-2481999
ATM helpdesk+91-194-2713333
Contact Centre1800-1800-234
Official website

Karnataka Bank Limited

Customer care Number1800-425-1444
call Banking
For Balance enquiry1800-425-1445
For mini statement1800-425-1446
SMS BankingText
(send it to 9880654321)
Balance EnquiryBAL <space> <Account number/Account Nick name>
Mini statementTRN <space> <Account number/Account Nick name>
Cheque Status EnquiryCPS <space> <Account number/Account Nick name>
<space> <cheque number>
Cheque Book requestCBR <space> <Account number/Account Nick name>
Stop payment of chequeSTP <space> <Account number/Account Nick name>
<space> <cheque number>
FD Account EnquiryFDE <space> <Account number/Account Nick name>
Loan Account EnquiryLON <space> <Account number/Account Nick name>
Fund Transfer own accountFTO <space> <Account number/Account Nick name>
Funds transfer within BankFTO <space> <Account number/Account Nick name>
Funds Transfer NEFTFTT <space> <Account number/Account Nick name>
<Space> <Credit beneficiary nickname> <space> MMID
<space> <A/c No.>
Branch SearchBRN <space> <pin code>
ATM SearchATM <space> <pin code>
IFSC SearchRTG <space> <pin code>
Email[email protected]
Official website

Karur Vysya Bank Limited

Customer care Number1860-258-1916
Customer care for Lost or
stolen Debit card
Missed call BankingNumber
For balance Enquiry09266292666
For account statement09266292665
For customer ID08882101234
SMS bankingText (send the text to
9244770000 OR 56161)
For account balanceKVBBAL
For transactionKVBTXN
Cheque statusKVBCHQ
Stop cheque paymentKVBCHS
Email[email protected]
Official website

Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited

Customer care Number1800-209-0000 (24×7)
Text (send
it to 9971056767 or 5676788)
For account balanceBAL
Last three transactionsTXN <space> last 4 digit of account number
Last 3 month statement on emailSTMT <space> last 4 digit of account number
Cheque statusCHQSTATUS <space> last 4 digit of account number <space>
6 digit of cheque number
New cheque book requestCHQBOOK <space> last 4 digit of account number
Nearest ATMATM <space> 6 digit pin code
Nearest BranchBRANCH <space> 6 digit pin code
For a list of other SMS baking keywordsHELP
Know your customer relation number (CRN)CRN
Email[email protected]
Official website

Lakshmi Vilas Bank Limited

Customer care Number1800-425-2233
call banking

For account balance

SMS banking
(send it to 9282441155)
For registrationLVBREG <space> <customer ID>
For account balanceLVBBAL
Last 5 transactionLVBTXN
Cheque statusLVBCHQ <space> last 6 digit of account number
<space><cheque number>
Stop the payment of chequeLVBSTCHRQ<space><last 6 digit of the account
number><space><cheque number>
Cheque book requestLVBCHRQ <space><last 6 digit of the account number>
Official website

Nainital Bank Limited

Customer care Number1800-180-4031
1800-180-4031 (for debit card)
05946-250152 (for debit card)
(send it to 56363)
For balance enquiryNTBL <space><last 13 digit of account number>
For last 5 transactionNTBL <space>TRN<space><last 13 digit of account
For cheque statusNTBL <space>CHQ<space><last 13 digit of account
For last 5 transaction enquiryNTBL<space><account number>
For ATM block (instantly)NTBL<space>ATMBLOCK<space><last 3 digit of account
SMS Banking formClick here
Official website

RBL Bank Limited

Customer care Number+91-2261156300 (for banking)
+9122-62327777 (for credit card)
+9122-7119 0900 (for a super card)
call banking
For account balance1800-419-0610
(send it to 9223366333)
For registrationREG <customer ID>
For account balanceBAL <customer ID>
Email[email protected]
Official website

South Indian Bank Limited

Customer care Number1800-425-1809 (toll-free)
1800-102-9408 (toll-free)
Telephone number
SMS BankingText (send the SMS to
For account balanceBAL < 4 digit PIN number>
last four transactionTRN < 4 digit PIN number>
Status of chequeCSI < 4 digit PIN number>six digit cheque number>
Locate nearest ATMATM < 4 digit PIN number><6 digit pin code number>
Note: 4 digit pin number is
last 4 digit account number and you could anytime)
Email[email protected]
Official website

Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited

Customer care Number1800-425-0426
Missed call bankingNumber
For account balance09211937373
For the last 5 transactions09211947474
To block the ATM card08467974343
Email[email protected]
Official website

YES Bank Limited

Customer care Number1800-1200 (toll-free)
and number
For registrationYESREG (from your registered mobile number) send it to 9840909000
For account balanceYESBAL <customer ID> send it to 9840909000
Block credit cardBLKCC <space><last 4 digit> send it to 9840909000
call banking

For account balance
Email[email protected]
Official website

IDBI Bank Limited

Customer care Number1800-209-4324
1800-22-6999 (for debit card blocking)
and number
For account balanceBAL<space> Customer ID
Last three transactionsTXN <space>Customer ID
Cheque statusCPS<space><customer ID><space><cheque number>
Request for cheque bookCPS <space><customer ID><space><P/M>
Note: P: person and M: mail
To block debit cardBLOCK <customer ID><card number> to 5676777 OR
BLOCK <customer ID> to 5676777
call banking
For account balance1800-843-1122
For mini statement1800-843-1133
Official website

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