WordPress Issue

How to Trouble Shoot WordPress Issue?

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There are a few things that can cause WordPress issues. It could be a problem with your theme, a plugin, or even something in the WordPress core itself. Whatever the cause, troubleshooting WordPress issues can be a challenge. Unfortunately, you can’t change the method the system does things. In that […]

What is a Proportional Air Valve used for?

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The Proportional valves are famous due to their performance and the response time as compared to the other valves. Proportional air valve is much better in their performance due to their long life and to control the flow of gasses and air in the chemical reaction. When we are using […]

How to add signature in Gmail account

How to add signature in Gmail account?

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An email signature is a text which is added in the footer of your mail, you can add your name, mobile number, designation or company’s logo as your signature in Gmail account. Adding signature in your email can add professionalism and class in your messages. Read Also: How to add […]

automation testing

5 Mistakes you must not commit for automation testing

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Recently the information technology industry has undergone several dynamic changes. These changes have played a major role in bringing forward various new perspectives and objectives for automation testing. All these objectives are targeted towards the new technologies that have emerged in recent years. These Technologies include SaaS applications, cloud-based services […]


How to add signature in Outlook?

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Adding a signature in your outlook mail can adds a bit of polish, and people can start recognizing you. It can create a good impression on the person reading your mails You can add signature in Outlook both manually and automatically. Manually adding signature in Outlook, whenever typing a mail […]