How to record a call on iPhone

Call Recording App for iPhone | How to record a call on iPhone

iPhones are quite good to do some great jobs like sending a normal text or replying to some emails. But you cannot record a phone call very easily on your iPhone because it is not a very legal action to take and there are a lot of laws against recording anyone. But if you have proper consent of the person you are going to record then you can use a few tools and apps to record a phone call on your iPhone. In this way, you will get to know how to record a call on iPhone.

Best Call Recording App for iPhone

1.Rev Call Recorder

It is a completely free app to record your incoming and outgoing call on the iPhone. To use this app you need to have us a number to get yourself registered in it. It is a completely free app and you won’t have to pay any subscription fee to get it. The best part of this app is you will get high-quality audio from your phone call. An interesting offer from this app is there can give you transcription service in just $1 per minute. It is a great thing if you are recording some interview or work-related calls.

2. TapeACall Pro

This app is not free and you have to pay only $11 to get it but it is a quite high-quality app where you can do unlimited recording of phone calls. A nice feature in this app is you can record any incoming call by just putting the caller on hold for just some seconds and you need to open the app and hit the button to record. If you use it to record some outgoing calls then you can also start the recording and merge the call with the person to have the recording of the full conversation.

3. Call Recorder Pro

This application is used in IOS and cost of $10 only. You can record several calls by merging all the calls to avoid the hassle. The best part of this app is you can download the whole recording from Dropbox or other apps and also you can share them through email or SMS. So if you want a high-quality recording of your phone call then you can download this app in your iPhone for sure.

4. IntCall Call Recorder

If you are wondering how to record a call on iPhone if you are having an international phone call then you can try out this app for sure. This app is only made to record high-quality international 33calls which will help you to record any work-related conference call with your client. So if you want to keep some record of your phone call with your client internationally then this app is a perfect fit for you.

5. Google Voice

Google voice is another nice call recording app for iPhone to record phone calls but the only problem in this app is you can only record incoming calls with this app.

So these were some important apps by which you can succeed in your query about how to record a call on iPhone. You can use any one of them to get the best result.

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