How to see last seen on WhatsApp If hidden

You want to check whether one of your WhatsApp contacts has blocked you or when he/she was last online? According to WhatsApp algorithm if the person has chosen to hide their last seen on WhatsApp, you can’t check when they were last online on the app. However, you can install such apps or a Chrome extension which can help you in knowing when your contact contact was last active. In this article I will provide few easy tips with which you can see someone’s Last Seen on WhatsApp, and will also enlighten the major reasons why you are unable to see last seen of your contact.

If your contact of whom you want to check the last seen, has blocked you then you can’t check his/her last seen. Similarly, if you have hidden your own last seen, then also you can’t check other people’s last seen on WhatsApp. So first of all, check out these two things before following the next steps.


Many third party mobile applications profess that they can tell you when your contacts were last online on WhatsApp, however there is no such thing in WhatsApp mechanism, so these apps doesn’t always work for what you are looking for.

Here’s a list of few chrome extension and apps that can be helpful for you.

  1. WhatStat

WhatStat app is available for both Androids and IOS. The app has large number of downloads. It has mixed reviews, many people claim that they were able to check the last seen status, and others just find this app useless.

According to me you should check it by yourself. There is in-app purchases, but you can also get what you want, in the free trial version.

  1. WaStat

This app also claims the same like WhatStat. It provides 24 hours free trial for its users. You can check last seen of 10 contacts, after that you have to buy a certain package to continue their services.

The app doesn’t work for everyone, it is completely mystify why it works well for some users, and for others the same question persists how to check last seen on WhatsApp if hidden.

  1. WA Web Plus

If you haven’t find the answer of how to check last seen on WhatsApp if hidden yet, then this chrome extension can help you.

WA Web Plus has a lot of amazing WhatsApp hacks, but most of the people use it for checking the last seen of people.

You can easily browse it through or any other browser.

Well, I hope you might have find the answer of how to check last seen on WhatsApp if hidden. Comment down any query related to the topic.


Writer: R.V Shrivastava

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