The sale of a product does not depend only on its quality. There is something different behind the story of a product sale. Do you know what the story is? It is the description that makes a product to be sold. Here, it is clear that you need to write a compelling copy as your product description if you are serious about your product sales. Here are two ways for learning how to write descriptions

Meta Description Length 

The Meta description is an HTML tag that gives a brief details of a web page. Search Engine display the meta description length 150 to 160 character.

how to write descriptions

How to Write Descriptions

Without investing money

In this method, you need to do all yourself while writing product descriptions for your e-commerce site. Here are a few steps that you can follow

Be clear about the product purpose

The purpose of a product is the element that describes the success of a product’s sale. You need to explain what problem your product can sort out and how it will make a customer’s life better. By noting down all the aims of a product in its description, you can boost the sale.

Know who you are writing for 

Before you start writing product descriptions for an e-commerce site, you should have a clear idea about who your targeted customers are. You need to figure out who is going to buy your product, what their likes & dislikes are, what makes them click on the product for purchasing, and so on.   

Describe the benefits of the product

Every product has its own attributes. Some of the features are obvious while some are hidden. You need to explain all the features of a product while writing a description of it. You should write all the benefits in bulleted points to make them visible.   

Explain your brand voice  

The use of your brand voice is the most efficient way of changing an inefficient description to an efficient one that sells. Besides, you can use your brand voice for creating engagement among a particular group of customers you are targeting. It is clear here that you need to use your brain voice well while learning how to write descriptions.   

Maintain consistency across your e-commerce site 

Your product descriptions should have an echo of your brand. Through the description, a consumer should be able to remember what he has experienced while visiting your product page. The key to the success of your e-commerce site lies in that all product descriptions have the consistency of your brand voice.  

Make your brand visible along with your products

People love buying products when they have a clear idea about the manufacturer/supplier. It is, as they associate themselves with the brand and their faith in a brand enforces them to buy a particular product. Here, it means you need to make your brand visible within a product description. Customers will purchase your products when they know your brand with the product associated.  

Try to eliminate your buyers’ guilt

Sometimes a buyer shops a product without knowing how useful it is for him. After the purchase, he starts feeling guilty for his buying decision. You need to make them feel better. For this, you will have to make the process easier and the description compelling and useful.     

Investing money on you

Are you facing problems while learning how to write descriptions for an e-commerce site, blog site and business sites? Is the resource you come across on the Internet in your search not sufficient for writing compelling descriptions for your e-commerce site? Do you want to write a compelling product description? You should opt for content writing courses if your answer is Yes to these questions. Such a course will train you in all areas of content writing that includes relevant guidelines on how to write product descriptions. You will have practical training on live projects apart from theoretical instructions without coming out of your comfort zone.  

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