How To use TeamViewer is very much accessible and straightforward step. It is one of the most beneficial programs which will help you to control the PC with remote on the internet.

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is secure and fast all in one solution for getting remote access to networks and computers. In this application, many of the best features available such as a remote control feature. 

It also helps you to set meetings and maintain a service desk, which depends on the cloud. There are many resources available which will show you how to use the power of TeamViewer correctly. 

It is very much smart and powerful application which will help you to control your PC with remote over the internet. This software will also help you to retrieve the forgotten files.

It also helps you to solve your friends and relatives computer problems without giving the disturbance to their desktop. The user manuals of TeamViewer is very much helpful in which documents, and general guides available that will help you to learn how to use TeamViewer. 

If you are the home user, then you can easily install and download the application for free. And if you are a business user, then you have to go through to the licensing option. 

If you want to start with TeamViewer remote control functions, then you have to navigate the Remote Control tab. In below the paragraph, some steps are mention of how to use TeamViewer easily.

Download here: TeamViewer Application

How To Use TeamViewer Application

TeamViewer is like a telephone conversation that is made between two computers. Hence, both the PC’s have to download the application. You have to install the TeamViewer application on your PC from TeamViewer’s official website.

1. Arrange The Application

After installing the software, you have to click on the ‘Run’ button, which is near the bottom screen. Then accept the license agreement, and you have to check out the two tick boxes. 

Then select the option Personal and non-commercial use and click on Next. The next screen is also known as Set up unattended access.

2. Make Account

After arranging the application, you will transfer to the next screen, and you have to protect your PC with the help of password. 

After protecting your PC, you have to click on the Next button. Then on the next screen, you will be asked to give your email, and a TeamViewer password then clicks on Next button.

3. Start Your Team

After making the account, you will forward to another screen that looks like the above screen. Then finally you have to go to your email inbox and find out the message which will send from TeamViewer. 

You have to open this message and click on the link that will start your registration of TeamViewer.

how to use teamviewer

4. Organize Your Computer

Then you have to organize your laptop and install this software. When this all process will complete, then you want to follow the same steps that you have done before.

Then you have to choose the option ‘I already have an account’ and enter the email that you have already registered with a password.

5. Take control

After organizing your laptop, you have to be adventurous and provide full control of your computer. Then to work on your computer, you have to put this number in your Partner ID box.

Next, you have to click on Connect to partner option then type your TeamViewer password. Then you will see that your computer’s windows desktop appear. If you are facing the problem because of antivirus, then uninstall avast.

6. Recover Forgotten Files

If you have forgotten to share the file from your computer, then shut down the windows which control your other laptop. Then go to the TeamViewer display under the option Control remote computer. 

You have to select the option File transfer then Connect and Log in. Navigate your file and choose it and click on Retrieve option then it will transfer the data into your computer’s My Documents folder.


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