Jawai Bandh is a place that is famous for its rich wildlife, flora, and fauna. It is a hilly area by which everyone can easily spot wild animals, including leopards. It is near the Pali district of Rajasthan, where you can see various bird species and crocodiles. If you are a wildlife enthusiast and like to click pictures of wild animals, then there is no better place than Jawai Bandh in Rajasthan. In this blog, we will discuss the exciting reasons that make Jawai Hills a great place for wildlife photography.

Why Jawai Bandh Is A Finest Place For Wildlife Photography

Exciting Jawai Leopard Safari:

Jawai Leopard Safari

Jawai Bandh is a leopard reserve; everyone can easily spot these wild cats here. While they roam in search of food, soak in the sunlight, haunt, and much more. It is all possible because of the hilly area that makes it the perfect place for capturing an ideal photograph of leopards. If you like to click wildlife, you can fulfill your dream by clicking pictures of wild cats when performing any activity. If we shed light on the behavior of leopards in Jawai, they are frank, and there are only a few cases in which they harmed any human. Along with this, they roam freely and visit temples in Jawai.

Thrilling Jungle Safari:

Jungle Safari in jawai

Jawai Bandh is not only for spotting leopards, but here you can also watch other wild animals, including Indian Leopards, Striped Hyena, Wild Fox, Jungle Cat, Nilgai, Sloth Bears, Sambhar, Chinkara, and many more. For wildlife photography lovers, Jawai is one of the ideal places in India. Because of the mountains, these wild animals are easily visible, which can help you capture them with your handpicked camera. If you are a professional wildlife photographer, visiting Jawai Bandh is very beneficial because you can capture the rich wildlife on camera here and add those photographs to your portfolio.

Nature-Friendly Resorts in Jawai:

resort in jawai

This is one of the best reasons why Jawai Hills is a great place for wildlife photography. Choosing your stay in one of the best resorts in Jawai will give you an interesting experience of clicking wildlife. Plenty of nature resorts in Jawai Bandh arrange different types of safaris, like jungle, village and leopard safari in jawai on which you can click snaps to make your trip successful and memorable. Many resorts also offer high tea and bush dinners near any lake, giving you goosebumps, and you can feel the real thrill of Jawai Bandh.

Crocodile Point or flora and fauna:

Crocodile Point in jawai

Rather than rich wildlife here, guests can also see the lush greenery, crocodiles, and numerous bird species. So, if you are on a trip to Jawai and want to click on exciting pictures, remember to capture colorful birds and crocodiles with your camera. To create memories with your loved ones, you can also explore the local flora and fauna and click the pictures with your loved ones. So, whenever you are on a trip to this hilly area in Jawai, always try to cover this also because it is like the icing on the cake and makes your trip more interesting.

Summing It Up:

By going through this blog, readers will get to know the reasons that make Jawai Hills best for wildlife photography. If you want to capture wild animals with your camera and plan to explore Jawai Bandh, we suggest you stay at Thour Nature Resorts. It is one of the best family-friendly resorts in Jawai Bandh. They offer the best luxury tents, making your photography experience more exciting. Rather than this, by choosing this place to stay in Jawai, you can taste the lip-smacking cuisines, enjoy a bonfire, and click beautiful pictures to mesmerize your vacation. To add charm to your trip, this resort’s staff also arranges high tea and bush dinners where you can click ideal pictures.

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