on page seo factors

On Page SEO is the most important factor of a website to rank higher in search engines ranking. SEO can be classified in two modules- On page and Off page SEO. The first and foremost activity to boost your ranking is to have a well optimized website. Not only for search engines, On page is also a vital factor to retain users. One can never dominate the rankings without a good on page SEO.

Here we will discuss few important points you can consider to improve your on page score.

1. Keyword insertion

Keyword insertion holds the maximum weightage when it comes to on page Seo factors. According to
Google, keyword density should be around 1.5 %. You also need to use LSI keywords to get better
results. Avoid keyword stuffing as it is considered as a negative factor for rankings. Use keywords
smartly so that it doesn’t affect readability.

2. Optimized Images

Images are one of the most appealing factors of your website. An image without optimization is of no
importance. In image optimization, you should use ALT Tags and Title effectively. Images also affect
website’s speed. Large size images slow down website speed. Well optimized images fasten your
website speed. Images are also ranked in search engine rankings.

3. Inbound and Outbound Links

Inbound links are the links within a website. You should do internal linking of your webpages to their
relevant link pages. This asks crawler to visit your linked page as well as the page being crawled.
Outbound links are the links to external websites where you give them their due. With inbound links,
outbound signals are also important.

4. Social Sharing Buttons

Social media is the best way to share your content and get traffic to your website. Implement facebook,
twitter, instagram and google buttons as per your business in your website. It tell users about your
online presence across various platforms. Social signals are also very important On page SEO factor.

These were a few On page seo factors utilizing which one can boost their rankings in search engine

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