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People are often confused with whom to focus while writing for their websites.  We often try to focus on SEO ticks rather than users readability. Henceforth, it becomes quite difficult for a user to read. As a result, Bounce rate is increased along with the average session duration.

Here are a few tips for Content Writing using which you can write a user-oriented content satisfying SEO checklists.

1. Keyword Analysis

The very first important factor while writing content is the choice of the keyword. We need to find a generic keyword that should not sound absurd. It should be fitted easily in your sentences, not affecting the readability.

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2. Header tags

People often don’t care for Header tags. They just go with the flow and write long sentences which aren’t accepted by SEO ranking factors. You need to write short sentences with optimum use of Header tags.

You can use H1 once, H2 twice, H3 four times and so on.

Also, there shouldn’t be long sentences between two consecutive tags. Make sure you have used a good amount of tags. Tags are very helpful for a good SEO score.

3.  Images

Images are one of the core elements to enhance readability that people often ignore. Try to insert your keyword in the images title and alt text. Also, a page looks quite attractive when good images are used. Images, not only attract users but also make your website rank.

Also, make sure your color in images must go well with the color of your website theme. A good color combination gives a soothing effect to the human eye. Try to use colors in accordance with your niche.

4.  Construction of sentences

There are a few sets of rules required for a good SEO

A.    Don’t start sentences with the same word in repetition.

B.    Try to use passive voice as less as possible. Passive voice intensifies user readability as well as SEO score.

C.    Transition words are a very important factor is enhancing SEO score. Use transition words as much as we use in our normal conversation. Transition words are good for SEO and user connect with your content more.

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Although, it is quite difficult to know what really perfect content is, following the above tips for content writing will surely take your website towards perfection. We personally recommend writing a user-centric content apart from SEO-centric. You can attract robots but not humans with that.

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