wordpress 5.0

There’s a proven fact that if you don’t have online presence, you are probably deprived of 80% of business. With everything available online now, one must have a well optimized website to boost his business. There are various platforms where you can build website according to your priorities.
Not to be surprised, wordpress is undisputed leader of website CMS used worldwide. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms as it is more user convenient compared to its counterparts. One needs not to have vast knowledge of coding to manage his website. WordPress has really eased out the process.
With time, users demand also change. To cope up with the trend, wordpress often update its versions to fulfil needs of user. Recently wordpress has launched WordPress 5.0. Although previous version is also working fine yet you need to think twice before migrating to wordpress 5.0.

Here are 5 points you need to consider before migrating to WordPress 5.0

1. Updated Plugins

To get the better of plugins, you must update them regularly. Now many plugin versions are only compatible with wordpress 5. Hence it is adviced to update your plugins first for a bug free update to wordpress 5.0.

wordpress 5.0


2. Backup your website

It’s always a good practice to take a back up of your website. Not only during update, but when you’re on a version for a longer period too, you need to take back up.
There are many plugins making the task facile. WPMigration being one of the most popular among them.

3. Updated PHP version

PHP, the scripting language of wordpress needs a timely update. If you’re using an outdated version of PHP, you can experience a lagging performance.
Updating to the latest PHP version will definitely boost up your website speed. Most themes and plugins run with a minimum of PHP 5.6.
Security updates for PHP 5.6 are terminating in a few days so it will lack security features. For a secure experience, you need to update your PHP version.

There are many factors which can confuse you if to migrate or not. We would like to assure you that you should migrate without giving any second thought for the betterment of your website. WordPress 5.0 is definitely the thing you need.

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