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As a truck driver, you are vital to the transportation industry as you deliver materials and goods nationwide. According to the American Trucking Association, the trucking industry employs over 7.6 million individuals in the US, 3.5 million of whom are professional truck drivers. These long-distance truckers travel endless hours and often encounter a variety of weather conditions and topographies. They need to be prepared for anything that could happen while they’re on the road.

Driving a truck may be an arduous and physically demanding job. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that obese people, people with high blood pressure, and those who have trouble sleeping are more common among truck drivers than in the overall population. These health issues could be made worse by the job’s passive character and the lack of access to healthy food options when traveling.

In addition to the physical challenges of their jobs, truck drivers often have to worry about potential accidents and injuries. According to research, 4,136 people died in heavy vehicle crashes in 2018. Seventy-two percent of the 4,903 fatalities resulting from these crashes were passengers in other vehicles. Truck drivers must adhere to certain safety protocols, including keeping their cars in good working order, being prepared for emergencies, and driving safely.

Truck drivers may work safely, healthily, and productively when provided with the appropriate gear and equipment.

  1. Electronic Logging Device

For truck drivers, an electronic logging device, or ELD, is the most essential equipment. For the purpose of tracking their driving habits, drivers are required to have an ELD installed in their trucks. Owner-operators might need to buy electronic logging equipment, even if company trucks already have one installed.

If you go by the trucking industry news, there are numerous ELDs available, each having advantages and disadvantages of their own. Putting preferences aside, the logging device needs to meet regulatory requirements.

  1. Transceiver

The CB radio is one of the most often used cab equipment for truck drivers. These radios are essential for individuals who decide to pursue a career in truck driving. A vital piece of equipment for truck drivers, each U.S. FCC-regulated Citizens Band Radio gives users access to 40 distinct CB-only radio channels ideal for long-distance message transmission.

All of the regular functionality of the CB can be accessed with a basic model such as this one.

You can get a better quality CB radio for a little bit extra money. Due to their better scanning ability, models such as this one will probably be able to pick up more channels than just the 40 regulated ones. Truckers will be able to receive particular area-specific weather bands and notifications in addition to improved voice quality.

  1. Mount for Cell Phones

For the convenience and safety of drivers, a cell phone mount is a piece of necessary equipment. It makes it easier for the driver to multitask while maintaining eye contact with the road ahead.

With the mount, truck drivers can perform crucial tasks like sending and receiving messages, making and taking calls, and using navigation software without using their hands. When properly selected, it reduces distractions and improves general safety.

Even on rocky roads, the robust mount keeps gadgets steady and safe. This stability is essential for drivers’ peace of mind since it allows them to retrieve vital information without worrying about their gadgets slipping or dropping.

  1. A tracker for fitness

It’s no secret that truck drivers struggle to exercise enough daily because of their long workdays. For this reason, a fitness tracker is yet another essential device.

Connect the fitness tracker to a smartphone to track your movement and sleep. The majority of fitness trackers let users create custom objectives. For example, a truck driver’s fitness band might remind and motivate them to walk two miles each day.

Most fitness trackers enable users to interact with other users through the app, so a truck driver can locate others working in a similar field and encourage them to meet their fitness objectives. Are you unsure about where to begin when buying fitness trackers? Use FitBit as a starting point!

  1. E-Reader

You don’t want to just idly browse the internet all day? Think about expanding your collection of electronics with an e-reader. For any truck driver who loves to read, an e-reader is an essential device. Most petrol stations have a poor variety of books, and parking a semi-truck in a library is challenging.

With e-readers, truck drivers only need a library card to obtain any book from any nearby library. An e-reader can also be used to purchase books if that is your preference. Books on this Amazon Kindle can be bought straight from the Amazon app. Additionally, thousands of free e-books can be downloaded.

  1. Tracker for Items

The keys to your semi are the most valuable possession for a truck driver in the world. Keys, however, are little and easily misplaced. Get an item tracker to make life easier. You won’t misplace your keys ever more.

This indispensable gadget is triggered using a smartphone app, and it may then be attached to a set of keys, placed in a wallet, or placed on, in, or close to any object that is frequently missing. And that’s it! Then, if the item to which the tracker is attached becomes misplaced, it may be quickly found with a smartphone.

The item tracker only needs to be pressed once to begin loudly ringing until it is located! Your phone can be tracked by the item tracker as well. Even if the phone is silent, the item tracker will ring loudly if you misplace it.

  1. WiFi Hotspot / Booster

When free WiFi is available at truck stops, truck drivers frequently utilize their phones and other gadgets. However, there are instances when the truckers’ parking spots aren’t covered by the WIFI. Buy a WIFI booster if you want to be able to connect to the WIFI from the comfort of your own vehicle.  For travel, a WIFI booster could be necessary. This indispensable gadget will gather nearby WiFi signals and boost them.

Consider getting a WIFI hotspot from your cell phone provider or through a pay-as-you-go service if you’d prefer WIFI wherever you go. It will lower your phone bill and enable internet connectivity for other devices, like laptops and dashcams.

In the end!

Being organized is essential in the trucking industry, and having the appropriate equipment will make a huge impact. These truck driver necessities, which range from USB chargers to telescoping inspection mirrors, are more than simply accessories—they’re lifesavers while traveling cross-country.

Therefore, be sure you’re ready and equipped when driving on the highways, regardless of experience level. With the help of these devices, you’ll be productive, safe, and prepared for any obstacles.

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