how to check pf balance

As an employee and affiliated with the EPFO Organization, you do not need to wait for your employer to send you your statement( EPF) & check the PF balance.

You can now check your EPF balance with one of these

  1. By installing Umang App i.e. check pf balance in mobile
  2. EPFO ​​eSewa member portal i.e. how to check pf balance online
  3. SMS or a missed call i.e. check pf balance with number

If your EPF is overlooked by the exempt entity (i.e. a trust) then you may have to contact your employer to verify your pension fund.

Still confused about ‘How to check pf balance online?’, enlisted below are 4 distinct ways to check your EPF account balance:

Using the Umang app

Employees can simply solve this problem of how to check PF balance with their cell phones using the Umang app. The Umang app was launched by the government to provide access to various government services in one place. You can consult the EPF Passbook, file a complaint and even follow the complaint using the app. You will need to complete a one-time registration using your phone number to begin the process.

The EPFO ​Portal

 To display your PF balance check with a UAN number on the portal, you must have your account tagged with your universal account number (UAN). You can download or print your EPF booklet from the website. Follow these steps 

 Step 1: The member booklet is available on 

 Step 2: Select “For employees” under “Our services

 Step 3: Click on “Member Book” in “Services

To perform PF balance check with UAN number, make sure your UAN is activated by your employer. Remember that UAN is provided by EPFO ​​but must be verified and activated by your employer. So, if yours is already activated, use it adjacent with your password to log in and find your passbook balance.

The passbook function is not available for members of establishments exempt from the EPF regime, 1952. If you try to connect again, this message will be displayed: “Passbook not available for this member identifier because it is an establishment. (i.e. trust). Please contact your employer. “

Sending an SMS 

If your UAN is enclosed with EPFO, you can fetch the details of your last contribution and check PF balance with the number by sending an SMS to 7738299899 i.e. the epf balance check number. The message you’ll be required to send is: EPFOHO UAN ENG wherein ‘ENG’ are the three primary characters of the preferred language. Hence to receive the message in Marathi, type EPFOHO UAN MAR

The installation is available in 10 languages ​​English (default), Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali. The SMS must be sent from the registered epf balance check number i.e. mobile number of the UAN. 

The EPFO ​​will also transmit the contact details of the members listed in its registers. So make sure your UAN is seeded with your bank account, Aadhaar and PAN, otherwise ask your employer to seed it for you.

Giving Missed Call 

 If you are registered in the UAN portal, Giving a missed call to pf miss call number i.e. 01122901406 from your registered cell phone number, will get you the details. Make sure your UAN is seeded with your bank account number, Aadhaar and PAN, or you can ask your employer to create them for you. This service is free. 

FAQ on EPF  balance

  • How to check the PF balance of your old organization? 
    Yes, people can consult the EPF balance of their old organization. Once people have logged in to the EPFO ​​portal using their Universal Account Number (UAN), they will be able to check their balance by clicking on their member ID. All the credentials of previous members who have been linked to UAN will be visible on the portal.
  • Can I use the PAN number to check the EPF balance? 
    To check the EPF balance, PAN is not required. However, to enjoy a variety of online services, it is important that UAN and EPF are connected. 
  • How to check PF balance using the Aadhaar number?
    No, it is not possible to consult the EPF balance using the Aadhaar number. The EPF balance can only be verified online using the UAN. 
  • Is it possible to check pf balance with a number (SMS) without associating the mobile number with the UAN?
    In case people want to check their EPF balance by SMS, they have to link their mobile number to UAN. The EPF balance will be sent by SMS only to the registered mobile number. 
  • Can the PF number be used to check the EPF balance? 
    Individuals should use their UAN information to check their EPF balance online. To check your EPF balance online, the PF number is not required.

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