The rapid advancements and improvements in the realm of technology have made the creation of digital content easier and simpler. Getting a video produced in no longer considered being far-off but that the video production is not where it ends. If you do not edit the video correctly then it will bring an adverse effect on its visibility and reachability to its desired audience.

Supposedly, you intend to get an animation made. You would look for online video animation services, however, after the completion of the animation it needs to go through a professional screening and editing phase. This is only done with the use of video editing software and for that reason; we have compiled the best video editing software.

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Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe is already renowned for its editing and sketching software programs but Premiere Elements is made for a purpose that is unique to digital drawing. An effective editing software, it can be used by both beginners to professional level video editors as the tool-kit has been simplified by Adobe over time. The features of this program allow you to become creative with your video editing and if you intend to edit out an animated content then you can execute it creatively as well. The intelligent editing feature lets you detect faces, add unique effects and make swift changes using the quick edit mode. Premiere Elements has an extensive list of features but we have just mentioned the most prominent ones.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Another video editing software by Adobe, Premiere Pro CC is also equipped with excellent editing functions. Supported by both the Windows and Mac platforms, you can avail its trial version before you buy the full version. Used for editing animations, film and TV video content, Pro CC is used in various industries. The best part is that it is also integrated with other Adobe programs such as the Adobe Audition, Stock and even After Effects. The limit for handling and editing videos is unlimited and if you are a Windows user then you can edit the amount of video editing is uncapped. You can even edit and add effects into VR video content that is supported by the VR180 format.

Pinnacle Studio 22

Said to be powerful yet creative video editing software, Pinnacle Studio 22 is currently only available on the Windows OS. Although it is used for professional editing if you intend to learn video editing then it is the right software to work on. It is less costly compared to editing tools owned by Adobe as with a price of only $129.95 you are getting an ample amount of tools and features. Most software programs do not have a money back policy but Pinnacle Studio gives you a 30-day money back guarantee if you believe it will not work out for you. You can edit your video in 4K resolution in an unlimited amount and it includes everything a beginner editor would need.

Final Cut Pro

Bringing versatility into video editing, Final Cut Pro is a software made solely for the Mac OS. If you are a Mac user then a dedicated video editing software is definitely feasible for you. You can use its 30-day free trial before purchasing the complete package but you should not worry as the trial itself contains each of the key features the complete version has. Final Cut Pro has a multi-cam editing feature that speeds up your work and it even uses an intelligent system that balances the video colors into whatever suits the video aesthetics. Although it might not be feasible for animated, you can still improvise it to add or edit audio files into the video.

DaVinci Resolve

While the aforementioned editing programs can be used for beginner-level and small-scale projects, DaVinci Resolve is strictly used for professional video editing for large-scale video content and productions. The use of this tool is multi-purpose since it also contains color correction and special visual effects features. You can even alter, edit and add audio to the video while you are editing. To have so many features in a single application makes this arduous process less time consuming for you. Its latest version contains a Fusion visual effects package that lets you enhance your video’s quality and the Farlight audio tools solely focus on the speed and performance.


None of the editing tools we have mentioned are free-to-use but VSDC is. You can use Adobe Premiere and DaVinci to make edits into your film of animation but that should not be your only scope. Being a free software VSDC lets you create and edit sleek and quality presentations in one-go. It contains most of the tools and features one needs for making a visual video presentation. The core features of VSDC include special effects, chart tools and a video stabilization tool that can remove any sort of jittering in your video. Using the YouTube uploader, you can even upload your content directly to social media platforms. Since it does not cost you anything, you can even try it out to experiment editing animated video content.

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