In Mortal Kombat 1, you can load up a match with a lot of different Kameo Fighters. However, some have been more effective than others.

Kameo Fighters are by far the most exciting addition to Mortal Kombat 1. They are friends that can help the main character extend an attack or get away from danger. Some of these side characters are fighters that you’ve been able to play as in previous games, like Jax and Sonya. Others, like the powerful Motaro or Shujinko, are a nice treat that only longtime fans of the series will know about.

Each Kameo Fighter has a variety of skills and moves that they can use to change the course of a fight. Some of these can be hard to use well in certain situations, but others are necessary for anyone who wants to do real damage with combos. These are the Kameo Fighters, who have already shown that they are some of the best on the team by always helping to win a tough fight.

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