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Forgetting Password is the most frustrating thing to rest it back. Here are a few Best and simple ways to help Recover Windows password & reset Windows password . Recently Many Tools are available for recovering the password. 

Method 1: Change Password easily in Windows 10 password recovery

Step 1: Click the Start Button at the bottom of the Screen.

Step 2: Click settings and select the account.

Step 3: You will get a Drop down menu and from that select the Sign-in option.

Step 4: Click the Change Button under the “ Change your account password ” menu.

Step 5: Enter your password in the password box & Sign In. 

Step 6: You would get an option of sending the code to your phone and once when you enter the last four digits, you can enter your new password.

Step 7: You will get a message like “ You have successfully changed your password”.

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Method 2: Total Reset Windows Password Disk

You can find the option in the Forgotten password wizard. But it may vary from version to version. A Reset Windows Password disk is a Free and the best way to Recover Windows password. 

But creating a password reset disk is the vital step of recovering password.

How to use Reset Windows Password Disk?

Step 1: When you attempt to log in after giving the wrong password, you will find the “Reset Password” option. 

Step 2: When you Click “Reset Password” Password Reset wizard would appear. Insert the reset disk and Click “Next”. 

Step 3: Select the Disk that contains the user key.psw file and click next.

Step 4: Type your New password and proceed.


Step 5: A wizard with “ Successfully reset the password for this account” confirmation is displayed. Click Finish. 

Here you can find the best free tools for Windows password recovery for most of the Window versions.

Tool 1: OphCrack 

Ophcrack is a free tool which is very simple and easy to use. For using this tool, you don’t have to remember the old password for resetting purposes. Password would be recovered automatically and it needs no Installation. It works from the flash drive or a disc.

Ophcrack is one of the best reset windows password Free Tools, which helps crack the password easily with only the basic knowledge of windows. The Recovery process could be done from another system.

All you have to do is visit the site and download the ISO File and burn it to a CD or a Flash Drive. 

Immediately this OphCrack tool would recover the passwords from that of the user accounts automatically within minutes

Tool 2: Kon-Boot

Kon-Boot is yet another simple method to recover the password. It is a simple download method without installation of the software to the Computer’s drive. The Software has to be put on a drive to use it. 

Kon-Boot is yet another free Windows Password Recovery tool which you could burn it from the USB Drive or the disc. Kon-Boot is the fastest method to reset the password. A free version doesn’t work on 64-Bit versions of Windows. But a paid Kon-Boot will work on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the windows. 

Drawback: Only Drawback is it doesn’t work on 64-Bit Operating system and Windows 8 & 10. 

Tool 3: John The Ripper 

It is one of the best Windows password recovery tools with the help of the advanced recovery features and applications the password could be recovered easily. Most of the users say that John The Ripper is usually best suited for only Windows 10, but it is suited for all the window versions. 

Steps to use John The Ripper:

  • Download John The Ripper Tool and run it on your system for the recovery process. 
  • Take the password from the SAM file.
  • Download the Windows binary and unzip it 
  • Type “john-format=LM d:\hash.txt. “ in command prompt. 
  • Within a few minutes your password would be recovered. 

Tool 4: Offline NT Password And Registry Editor

When Compared to OphCrack Offline NT Password is different and works in a very different manner. Here NT password deletes the old password rather than recovering it safely. Offline NT password is the same as that the windows password recovery tool. It is one of the simple and the most accessible tool for using your Windows account without having to recover it. How it works is it boots from the drive or the disc. Instead of recovering a new password for the account, a new password is set. The Major advantage is it works offline and supports all windows versions. 

Drawback: Only drawback of this tool is the algorithm is quite complicated  since the application works on the command line. 


Windows password could be recovered with the help of the above tools. The Free Password recovery tool is simple to use and be hassle-free in case if you forget your password. Use the Free Recovery Tool you think would be suitable for you based on their advantages and disadvantages.

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